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[ DevDesk v2 ]  

DevDesk v2 was formed to simplify the processes of multi-business management (MBM), to help companies consolidate, visualize, and track their data, and to provide an information sharing platform in which businesses can discover or define new metrics within industry-specific communities; all of which are designed to give our clients a competitive advantage in their respective marketplaces.

Whether an independent operator, a small to medium enterprise (SME), or a multi-tiered international franchise: DevDesk v2 provides a suite of tools to assist in real estate expansion, sales process automation, customer service tracking, campaign marketing, project scheduling and more.

The Application

DevDesk's customizable online software is designed to manage multiple businesses, subsidiaries, trades, brands, and independent operations from a single platform. A hybrid of traditional software solutions, DevDesk v2 incorporates elements of customer relationship management (CRM), real estate portfolio management, project management, and document management services.

At its most basic level v2 connects three core elements of your business or multi-unit operations: People, Places, and Projects and provides a platform from which to share and compare information with your peers.

Relationship Management
of Multiple Groups

Establish hierarchies, manage leads, set tasks, and consolidate both internal and external communications

Portfolio Management
across Multiple Regions

Monitor leasing, outline territories, visualize geocoded data, and plot opportunities via maps interface

Project Management
of Multiple Workflows

Automate processes, track bench- marks, create alerts, and evaluate performance of individuals and teams

With its unique multi-business, multilingual structure, DevDesk v2 empowers authorized users to compare, merge, or view data across a broad range of industries, services and geographies. Robust permission features enable businesses to govern the transparency of their organizations to whatever degree they desire from a single source. All of which result in a unique information sharing platform from which members can share information amongst their communities to leverage valuable metrics.


Built to grow as you grow, DevDesk's commitment to scalability looks not only at the computing power required to scale up for increased customer and data capacity requirements but also to accommodate the evolving needs of business tools and processes to meet long term growth goals. We recognize the value of balancing speed, function and accessibility and are striving to achieve excellence on all such levels.

Scalability comes in many forms and is often defined in numerous ways in relation to software applications. Whether defined in the commercial or the technical context, scalability is a measure of growth and the ease of which this growth can be accomplished.

  • From a technical context DevDesk v2 utilizes the latest technologies for monitoring, testing, and modifying performance from both behind and outside our firewall; both from a database partitioning perspective and an end-user performance perspective.
  • From a commercial context DevDesk v2 focuses on geographic, administrative and functional scalability.

Geographic Scalability:

Store translated data in infinite languages, custom territory mapping, dynamic region categorization, and tailored real estate development workflows

Administrative Scalability:

Administer multiple businesses from a single platform; merge, share and compare data across evolving corporate structures, independent operations and/or industries

Functional Scalability:

User-defined customization is incorporated at all levels of development enabling the system to adapt to user’s existing business processes

Hosted on Amazon Web Services' (AWS) secure and expansive cloud infrastructure DevDesk v2 can scale up or down to meet the demands of your computing and data storage needs. Your data is only a click away whether in the office or in the field, available anywhere that you can connect to the internet.


DevDesk v2 stems from a bespoke application that was created to help a local franchise developer track their franchisees and real estate portfolio. Given the success and the nature in which it helped the developer expand their franchise territory, we set off to modify this intellectual property to be more flexible, dynamic and scalable so that the processes could be applied to any small business or franchise model attempting to improve their customer and real estate management while collaborating with any number of people in their supply chain. Given an early interest in multi-unit franchise and cross-brand development we set out to differentiate our product by concentrating on ways to benchmark and aggregate data across multiple business units.

As the name implies, DevDesk v2 was our "2nd attempt" at developing a Mutli-Business Management (MBM) environment for managing multiple business, subsidiaries, trades, brands and independent operations from a single source. We quickly realized that our first attempt failed to meet the requirements of a multi-tenant architecture (or database structure) which would enable us to scale to meet the needs of international franchise organizations: a goal on which we founded our company - to provide technologies and solutions that benefit franchise organizations, multi-business owners and retailers. DevDesk v2 therefore was a rebuild from the ground up.

Outdated ASP classic code was replaced with a more robust and versatile ASP.NET language. MSSQL databases replaced the less powerful Microsoft Access database of the previous version. At the same time we migrated over from a local US based host to AWS's "cloud" infrastructure with hosting facilities around the world. All the while refining processes and the graphical user interface (GUI) to be more compatible with reaching our MBM goals.

In DevDesk v2 we achieved many of the goals that we had set out to accomplish:

  • Multi-business management business administration framework
  • Multilingual platform – both GUI and data translation for businesses
  • Dynamic and flexible to meet various business models
  • Multi-tenant database architecture for benchmarking
  • Granular permission structure for controlling transparency
  • Retail Development, Project & Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Social Networking and Virtual Communities
  • Message boards (journals) providing a means of transmitting messages with other users
  • A comprehensive set of tools and features such as:

    • Workflows
    • Automated mailers
    • Dynamic status indicators
    • Calendars and reminders
    • Task lists
    • Task journals
    • File/document management
    • Interactive mapping solutions
    • Basic reports

 For a more comprehensive history, feel free to check out Our Story.

Known Issues

Going forward we recognized that despite our successes in building an extremely flexible platform, along with the complexity of the framework came inherent performance problems. As we had been concentrating on functionality over aesthetics, the graphical user interface (GUI) left something to be desired as well. Furthermore although security has always been at the center of our development efforts it should be noted that as this free product remains in a beta stage which is relatively unsupported there are potentially security vulnerabilities. Given our understandings of its shortcomings the product is available to our users for free while we concentrate on improving on these faults in our transition to DevDesk Tabz: the application's successor.

We are making the platform available to the public for free so if you are interested in gaining access please contact us. Simply mention your interest in v2 and we'll send you login credentials.

To login, visit the DevDesk v2: Login page.

We humbly accept donations from anyone interested in helping
us improve DevDesk Tabz for the benefit of the free community