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Point-of-Sale (or POS as it is commonly called) from a technology perspective generally refers to the POS terminal. As the name implies this is the location at which a transaction occurs in a retail environment. The POS system as a whole is made up of a combination of hardware and software that help businesses collect transaction information, personal details of consumers, and process sales while outputting valuable reports to base business decisions on. At its most rudimentary form a Point-of-Sale terminal is an electronic cash register but it is much more than just a mechanism for ringing up sales.

The true power of POS comes from its data management capabilities and how it can help streamline business processes for an organization. At DevDesk we focus on providing integration services to harness the true potential of POS whether it is synchronization of POS transactional data with your accounting or billing platforms, eCommerce online shopping carts, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), or salesforce automation systems we can provide the technical expertise and logistical planning for building an integrated back-office environment.


Zenis & Zircon POS


At the core of our product offerings are the Zenis and Zircon POS (Point-of-Sale) systems. As distributors and retailers of this line of products we stand behind the brand and firmly believe in the quality of these machines. Although new to the United States they have been in service around the globe for over 10 years and have an impressive track record in terms of performance and reliability.

Both systems offer a stylish, durable and tidy package that fit nicely into any retail environment. With matte black or piano gloss finish in a variety of colors, these units offer an attractive addition to your countertop space. Apart from aesthetics however, what sets these units apart are their durability, quality of craftsmanship, efficient heat dissipation and compatibility with existing peripherals and accessories.


Durability Matters

The POS terminal is on the front lines of a retail organization. Reliability is key as often the success or failure of a sale relies on the POS machine to do its job, especially considering consumers’ modern day reliance on credit cards. Most small businesses rely on a single terminal to process all of their transactions so if the computer is down it can cause chaos or at least a severe inconvenience.


Zenis POS features a strong, sturdy aluminum base and frame which cleverly conceals all cable routing providing a more sanitarydurable matter1 and clean look for your countertop.  The touch screen monitor can be tilted from 5 to 90 degrees ensuring easy interactivity for users and delivering accurate input.  Utilizing the latest in touchscreen technology, the systems have a good history of durability with thousands of units being used across the globe. Trusted and proven processors from Intel are used lending to the machines' reliability.



Compatibility Matters

Often POS machines will be lacking the necessary amount of ports needed to connect to your existing components thus requiring additional peripherals to be purchased when upgrading your existing systems. Considering the additional costs of cash drawers, receipt printers, pin pads, barcode scanners, card swipes, pole displays and other accessories this can equate to as hight as $1000 per unit.


Zenis & Zircon POS come with many rich I/O ports including 8 USB 2.0 and 3 Serial Ports which allow users to integrate their own peripherals with the units. For companies looking to upgrade outdated systems, this benefit can equate to hundreds of dollars of savings per machine. Nonetheless we do offer all of the necessary peripherals in sleek matching design for those who prefer a bundled solution.


altTemperature Matters

Kitchen and restaurant environments often subject POS equipment to substantial amounts of heat, and overheating is often a cause of POS failure. The cool running Zenis and Ziron POS terminals address this problem with an efficient dissipation of heat.

Touchscreen Technology


Zircon POS is available with 5-wire resistive touch only but with a 1024x768 pixel LCD screen for greater clarity than traditional 5-wire restrictive touch terminals.

Zenis POS has models available utilizing either the 5-wire resistive touch technology or Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW).

5-Wire Resistive Touch & Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW)

5-Wire Resistive Touch is considered the most advanced resistive touchscreen on the market. Simply put resistive touch uses layers of materials which when pressed together make a connection sending a signal to the terminal. It is commonly used in restaurant and retail environments as it is fairly resistant to liquids and contaminants. It is also a less expensive option than SAW which makes it a very good fit for most use cases.

Disadvantages include susceptibility to scratching from sharp objects which could impact performance and poorer contrast due to several layers of materials used over the screen.

Surface Acoustic Wave or SAW technology uses ultrasonic waves that pass over the surface which are absorbed when a finger touches the glass screen while sensors housed around the edges pick up the signal and send the location of the touch back to the terminal. It is a newer and more advanced technology but it comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

As an advantage you are touching the glass screen directly rather than a polyurethane layer which means the screen can still work if scratched and without additional layers you benefit from higher screen clarity. Given its higher degree of durability it is ideal for high transaction environments and screen that might be accessed by the public.

As a disadvantage SAW is never completely sealable which leaves it more prone to damage from liquids and dirt; likewise contaminants on the screen may interfere with performance. It is also generally non-responsive to hard tipped items such as a pen or the corner of a credit card and it comes with a higher price tag.


POS Peripherals

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POS Bundles

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DevDesk has built a relationship directly with the manufacturer enabling us to bring this internationally recognized brand to the United States. We are the sole distributor of Tysso products in the US and are actively building a reseller community.

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