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Given our Managed Outsourcing strategy, we have a grown a network of trusted outsourcing partners both locally and internationally. As business process consultants we need to retain a broad knowledge across a substantial range of products and services which can add value for our customers and clients.

Often the development of individual features, installation of products or maintenance of these solutions may require specialist knowledge. For those tasks that do not fit within our own core competency, we reach out and work with specialists in the field who complement our own skills and objectives. Below is a list of a few of our most trusted service and solution providers.

Services We Trust



Creation-1 LLC
A full-service interactive design and development firm

Jason Rampe and his colleagues at Creation-1 have repeatedly impressed us with their ability to translate our ideas into high quality graphic design work. Their attention to detail and their ability to understand and visualize the business process and site flow requirements that we outline have consistently resulted in aesthetically pleasing and highly functional user interfaces.


League of Excellence
A Seattle based graphic design firm

Nick Sqambelluri heads up this talented pool of creatives. They are a collective of designers, illustrators, copywriters and programmers that have one common interest: excellence. Nick has worked with us since our earliest days, helping to build the original prototypes of the Ul for our DevDesk Tabz project as well as providing ample support on the marketing and advertising front.



Innovaminds Pvt Ltd
A Web Consultancy Service

Since 2008 Amit Choudhary has continued to build his team of knowledgeable developers in Chandigarh, India: a city consistently ranked near the top of the "global emerging outsourcing IT services destinations" list. After visiting their offices on a regular basis our companies have developed a lasting rapport. We have continued to foster a trusting relationship since the inception of our company.


Agileblaze Technologies Pvt Ltd
Technology for people

Bobinson KB established offices in the technology hubs of Bangalore and Cochin, India attracting a resourceful team of system administrators, Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud specialists ,engineers and developers. As the name implies, agility is a cornerstone of their development methodology. We have been particularly impressed with their broad technical knowledge and adoption of cutting edge technologies.


CAT Technologies Ltd
Committed to human excellence thru IT

CAT Technologies Ltd is a CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001-2008 certified partner based in Hyderabad, India having a US head office in Hackensack, NJ. With offices in 6 countries around the globe and upwards of 500 employees, CATT offers a large pool of resources to draw from and a well-refined development process. They provide support for a wide spectrum of software services, integrations and technology migrations.



Whisky Zulu
Architects of the written word, designers of creative destinies

They can probably say it best! .... "We are a collective A-team of advertising artisans who love nothing more than to dream big ideas and then give birth to them. We do not work. We play for a living as pixel pushing craftsman. We read the dictionary for fun. Our favorite word is serendipity and we always find an excuse to drop it into a conversation. Want passion in your advertising? Welcome to Whisky Zulu. We love you."


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