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[ DevDesk Tabz™ (BETA) ]

DevDesk Tabz is introduced as a Software-as-a-Service platform (i.e. "SaaS" or "online application") where companies and individuals can find, organize and share online apps and URLs while accessing these favorite applications from a single interface. Tabz will provide the ability to create corporate marketplaces where employee application administration can be consolidated and public-facing partnership portals can be promoted.

The beta version is released as a simple, free bookmarking tool which will allow you to group and save URLs to the Tabz consolidated interface and provide you with the ability to share those links with colleagues and friends. Many sites can be displayed directly in the interface giving you the freedom to navigate your bookmarks from a "live view", or optionally links can be opened in a new browser tab. The interface can be particularly helpful for navigating large sets of disparate intranets from your corporate environment or those of your corporate partners and supply chains. By consolidating social networks within a unified interface, companies can more easily cross promote their various social and business networking platforms to clients and followers.

The Tabz platform is the first step in creating an environment for corporate chain supply management: equipping companies to intuitively manage access rights and permissions to granular levels thus controlling varying degrees of transparency for sharing information with their unique audiences. The product introduces companies to a variety of applications aimed at facilitating business development and operations while providing the flexibility to incorporate existing legacy systems or bespoke corporate portals into the environment. The Tabz platform thereby facilitates the creation of custom integrations and migrations between disparate apps, cloud-based environments and on-premise hardware or software which ultimately leads to higher employee adoption of evolving technologies.

DevDesk Tabz will be introducing more modules to further promote the consolidation, visualization and tracking of data across multiple companies and technologies: a concept they have coined "Multi-Business Management" (MBM). Currently Tabz allows multiple businesses to create networks with one another and better manage customer relationships.

The primary goal of their MBM suite of tools is to manage multiple businesses, subsidiaries, trades, brands and independent operations from a single source. Core modules such as CRM, Salesforce, Property & Retail Development, Project and Document Management are being introduced to address this goal and revolve around their founding principles of "connecting people, places and projects". As more information is collected, participants will be able to opt-in to industry-specific information sharing, or benchmarking, programs to gain insight into unique metrics within their field. Such features and tools are currently available to experience for free in DevDesk Tabz' predecessor application: DevDesk v2 – click here to learn more.

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